Too Busy

Lord, remind me how brief my time on earth will be.
    Remind me that my days are numbered—
    how fleeting my life is.
You have made my life no longer than the width of my hand.
    My entire lifetime is just a moment to you;
    at best, each of us is but a breath.” Interlude

We are merely moving shadows,
    and all our busy rushing ends in nothing. Psalm 39:4-6

On the way to work the other morning, I was running behind. Technically, I wasn’t late, but I sure felt rushed.

Too rushed.

WP school crossing

When I got to the school crossing I nearly blew through it. At the very last second I saw the crossing guard’s car door open. I glanced across the street and saw three elementary aged children nearing the curb. I slammed on the brakes. The guard nodded my way. I breathed a prayer of thanks.

I was still running behind, but I had a clearer sense of my surroundings…and the need for it.

A couple blocks down the road I came to the Senior Center crosswalk. Rarely do I encounter anyone crossing the road, but on that day it looked the bingo crowd was heading in! I stopped, smiled, and waited.

I was probably 10 minutes later to work than I wanted to be. But I was surprised by how peaceful I felt.

WP appreciating the sun

I felt good about not rushing. Slowing down. Taking time to notice…appreciate…to just simply see the things around me.

As I walked to the building, I noticed the blue sky. I heard a bird song. I felt the breeze. All things I would have missed if I raced to the door, fumbling with my bags, and searching for my key.

I know in my head rushing may get me to the destination, but I don’t enjoy the going.

And the scripture is clear: all our rushing gets us nothing.

We certainly can’t see God, nor experience life fully, the way he intended.

So what will it take to slow you down? A crosswalk was a good reminder for me.

WP no time to rush

Author: tinamhunt

ESFP with a dash of ADD. Lover of the Word and words. The cup of my life is neither half empty or half full--it overflows! I'm blessed to be a blessing and I'm here to share the journey.

2 thoughts on “Too Busy”

  1. If we would slow down to really SEE the blessings……I am trying to do just that. This year, I want to be less stressed about EVERYTHING I need to get done and take a moment to take in the little blessings God places in front of me. I had so many today because I did take the time to see them. From the sunshine, to the warmth. A smile from a kindergartener who came around the corner and saw me and could not wait to tell me something very important to her. The opportunity to watch 13 students try their best to take a test to the chance to hear kids read and listen to their teacher’s hard work spewing out of them as they tackled the written word, I saw two mother’s-to-be today and thanked God for their special miracle as well as asking Him to help these new mother’s know that He will never leave them. God is right there if we just stop, slow down and really see Him. Thanks for this message Tina!


    1. Debbie, I can tell that this is something you are working on. You exude a greater peace and joy…and that is obviously contagious to those around you. You are such a blessing.


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