Day 4 Thankfulness

Yes, it is a day for thankfulness. “)

But for what specifically? Today, I am thankful for a sliced red delicious apple, 2 slices of pepper jack cheese, and a cup of hazelnut decaf coffee. That’s my breakfast. And I am fully satisfied. The food is so good, but it is more of a miracle that it satisfies me. Some might see it as a very odd combination, and I’m okay with that. I remember when I first got married and wondered what I had gotten myself into as I watched my beloved open a can of Franco American speghetti and eat it cold from the can as he drove off to work. That was just wrong. (Picture me giving a yucky shiver…eww.)

I remember being introduced to cold pizza for breakfast in college. I was so impressionable. Breakfast for me was A.L.W.A.Y.S. a bowl of cereal, toast or two small donuts (the kind that come 12 to a box and are usually a combo of plain, powedered, and cinnamon sugar). I didn’t start eating other breakfast foods until college. Now, I see breakfast as a meal where anything goes. I haven’t had cereal for a few months, and I probably won’t. I have never been satisfied by a “serving” of cereal. There are very few servings that are even a cup and that barely filled my favorite cereal bowl. And when I was done, I always wanted more.

So to eat a sliced apple and a couple slices of my fav cheese washed down by my fav coffee and be satisfied is a very good thing. Eating well puts me in such a positive mindset for my day. It’s good stewardship of the incredible body I’ve been given. So how will you nourish yourself today?

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