Thank-full Tankful

While that title might lead one to believe that I am thankful for the slowly decreasing price on gas again…and while I am that for sure, this is about something completely different.

I am thankful for the beautiful maple trees around my house. We have seven very large and mature maple trees: four in the front and three on the side. I love their shade in the summer. I love the canopy of green that covers me as I sit out on my front patio. Before I ever got inside this house, I was drawn to it because of the trees.

I love the beautiful leaves in the fall. The colors are warm, all yellow, orange, and red. And we end up with a whopping leaf pile!!! Today was the end of the leaf pile. Nelson, Asher, and I spent a couple hours out front blowing, raking, and shoveling leaves. I find it easier to move the heavy wet leaves by shoveling them to the edge of the street (we don’t have curbs, because we have no sidewalk). It was fun to work together. And it was really nice to see the front patio and flower beds leaf-free.

Time with family. Leaf-free front patio. And a two hour work out. It’s all good and I’m all thank-full!

Day 4 Thankfulness

Yes, it is a day for thankfulness. “)

But for what specifically? Today, I am thankful for a sliced red delicious apple, 2 slices of pepper jack cheese, and a cup of hazelnut decaf coffee. That’s my breakfast. And I am fully satisfied. The food is so good, but it is more of a miracle that it satisfies me. Some might see it as a very odd combination, and I’m okay with that. I remember when I first got married and wondered what I had gotten myself into as I watched my beloved open a can of Franco American speghetti and eat it cold from the can as he drove off to work. That was just wrong. (Picture me giving a yucky shiver…eww.)

I remember being introduced to cold pizza for breakfast in college. I was so impressionable. Breakfast for me was A.L.W.A.Y.S. a bowl of cereal, toast or two small donuts (the kind that come 12 to a box and are usually a combo of plain, powedered, and cinnamon sugar). I didn’t start eating other breakfast foods until college. Now, I see breakfast as a meal where anything goes. I haven’t had cereal for a few months, and I probably won’t. I have never been satisfied by a “serving” of cereal. There are very few servings that are even a cup and that barely filled my favorite cereal bowl. And when I was done, I always wanted more.

So to eat a sliced apple and a couple slices of my fav cheese washed down by my fav coffee and be satisfied is a very good thing. Eating well puts me in such a positive mindset for my day. It’s good stewardship of the incredible body I’ve been given. So how will you nourish yourself today?

Thankfulnesses Day 3

Today I am thankful for the current state of health that my husband is in. In 1983 he ruptured a disc and it has been a pain-filled journey ever since. We have had diagnoses of Eptstien Barr, degenerative disc disease, flaring ridiciopathy, chronic inflamation in his hips, bone spurs on his spine. He has struggled with low grade depression (disthymia) with bouts that were pretty major. He has extreme sleep apnea. In 2004 he severely crushed his left ankle and was bedbound for a year and a half.

In July we changed our eating habits considerably and have maintained that. He has lost about 70lbs. His hips and back still hurt and he’s felt like he was on the edge of getting the flu for a couple weeks, but he has also felt well enough to rake and move lots of leaves. He mowed the yard twice recently. He has been organizing and decluttering the house. And those things are in addition to working his very physically demanding job all day and coming home and cooking for us.

It is so exciting to see him coming out from under his cloud of pain. I’ve seen him smile more recently. These things are huge. And I am hugely thankful.


I love making up words. I can’t help myself sometimes….

Anyway. I’ve read some posts that have been encouraging people to daily write about what they’re thankful for. I like this idea. I was impressed to even read that my older daughter is participating in this.

Realizing that I am already a day behind, I will consider two things for which I am thankful.

First, I am thankful for my dogs. We inherited our two from our youth pastor at our former church. At the time he thought he was going to be moving and starting work on his PhD. He felt it would be difficult enough to find a house for his growning famil to rent and suspected that he wouldn’t be able to take the dogs. His desire was that someone would adopt both dogs since they had been together since they were pups.

Here are the boys:
This is Lucky Uploaded from the Photobucket Android App

And this is Spenser Uploaded from the Photobucket Android App

And this is the boys taking me for a walk. <a href="Uploaded from the Photobucket Android App” title=”Walking”>

I’m thankful that I found the split leash so that I can walk them together. I’m abundantly thankful that I found the no-pull harnesses. Before I had these two items, walking the dogs was next to impossible. Each time we walked I’m sure my arms grew a couple inches. They still pull me along, but that’s more because I’d rather stroll and they’re looking for an aerobic workout. I really love taking walks with them now–it’s good for both of us.

My second thankful thought belongs to my church.
Ashland Dickey Church of the Brethren

Nelson and I have been attending here since July 2011. I am a member. It is such a blessing to me to see my husband involved again and digging deeper spiritually. We also take our grandson and he has been getting so much from his time there as well. Just the other night, he and I had a pretty lengthy conversation (keep in mind, he’s only 6) about baptism. Tonight and tomorrow Nelson and I will be attending a marriage seminar, too.

This is our senior pastor, Pastor Tom.
Pastor Tom

Our congregation would appreciate your prayers for our pastor. On Wednesday evening he was admitted to an area hospital with Dengue Fever and pneumonia. Thanks!

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