Book Review: Raptor 6

Another “Rapid Fire Fiction” winner from author Ronie Kendig.

I have yet to pick up a book by this author and not love it! Reading a book by Ronie is like doing an Insanity workout: fast paced, intense, and completely engaging.

Have you read a novel and found yourself skipping pages to “get to the goodstuff”? You won’t do that with Raptor 6–or any book by this author because it’s ALL good stuff.

This latest story is the first installment in Ms. Kendig’s newest series, The Quiet Professionals. As with her other books and series, this author does an exemplary job of presenting a military suspense that is technically spot on and respectful. It is also enlightening as well as entertaining. In addition to her faithful handling of military stories, Ronie weaves a clear message of faith as her characters struggle with issues of trust in the ugly face of evil’s maleficence.

One of the things about this book that might not appeal to some readers would be the way it “ends.” All I’m going to say is that I’m really looking forward to the next book in the series!

This book is long on suspense and light on romance so it should find a broad audience of both men and women.

Two Quick Reviews

One of the things that I enjoy with my NookHD+ is the app that I have for our public library. It has become a great way for me to try new authors. This week I had the opportunity to read two books by a new author to me. I read:


Ronie’s writing is described as “Rapid Fire Fiction” and that is one of the best descriptions I’ve ever heard. The writing is seamless and tight. When i started reading “Firethorn” I felt like I had just opened a 5000 piece puzzle with no border. I was a little overwhelmed and couldn’t for the life of me figure out how things were going to come together. But it was never the kind of overwhelmed where I wanted to just put the book down. To the absolute contrary, I had a hard time putting it down so that I could go to sleep. It was the same way for “Dead Reckoning.”

As a trained counselor, I really appreciate the way that Ms. Kendig deals with difficult psychological issues. I also find the way that the author presents spiritual issues is very subtle, but pointed. One phrase that jumped out at me in “Dead Reckoning” was that God doesn’t deal with us as a “hostage rescue team.” There is in her writing a clear wooing that paints God’s gentle knocking at the wanderers heart’s door.

What I know for certain is I will read everything I can by Ronie Kendig.

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