Monday Morning Musings: Homecoming

SP PS come home

Yesterday we celebrated Homecoming Sunday. It was well-planned and well-attended. The music was such a blessing. If there had been a prize for widest age span at church we probably could have won. The youngest child there was seven months and the oldest person was one hundred and three (103). Our attendance was twice our normal average, from thirty to over sixty!

God laid on my heart the story Jesus told about the prodigal brothers and how their selfish ways caused them grief.

SP PS choices

We often throw a lot of focus on the wayward wandering brother, but if the other brother’s behavior hadn’t mattered, Jesus wouldn’t have included him in the story. Each one made choices, each one put their desires first.

In the Bible there are so many stories about the consequences of choices made by individuals and groups of people. Think about Thomas, question one time and forever be remembered as the doubter. Or Mary and Martha, get frustrated when you get stuck in the kitchen, but don’t ever complain about it. And the list goes on and on.

Whether we’ve wandered and made a mess of things like the younger brother or stayed home with our heart tightly shut, it’s time to come home.

These twenty-one verses have been described as the most perfect short story ever written in literature.

It is a good story. But it doesn’t have to be over.

Yours doesn’t have to be either.

Write a different ending.

And even if the road home looks impossibly long. Remember the father went out to both of his sons. And he promises to be with you every step of the way as well.

SP Exodus 33-14

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