Advent: Think Small


Day 3: Fishes and Loaves

“Mema, why do you always put so many things in your tuna salad?” My grandson asked as he poked at his sandwich, turning up his nose at the pieces of egg.

I chuckled remembering how I asked my own mother the same thing. I fondly responded with her answer, “All those extra things make the salad go just a little farther.”

The next day in Sunday School, the sermon was about Jesus feeding the multitude with  five loaves and two fish.

As we sat to eat lunch, my grandson was quick to offer to pray, “God, thank you for turning a kid’s lunch into so much food…and not using any egg to do it.”

I have always marveled at how Jesus was able to use such a little amount of food to feed so many. Imagine it: 5000 men and all the women and children. And when it was all over the disciples gathered twelve baskets of leftovers.

Nothing was wasted that day. God demonstrated powerfully the amazing things he can do with our meager offerings. And he didn’t have to add anything to get the job done.

TO PONDER: What is there in your life that you could bring to God to use for his Kingdom? What things have you been holding back for yourself? What would it take to surrender it to him?

FOR DISCUSSION: At Christmas we tend to focus on what we’re going to get: presents and sweet treats. What could your family do to bless others? It could be something you already have, or even the gift of time.

PRAYER: God, we bring you our “lunch”—the things we have for you to use to bless others. Show us how to not waste anything in our lives. Amen.

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