Day 23 Leftover Thanks

Today you will not find me lining the coffers of any greedy retailer. The other day Nelson asked me what I wanted for Christmas and I had no answer for him. Now that’s not to say I there aren’t things I would like to have (convertible laptop tablet and hazelnut coffee), but there isn’t anything I need. I’m hoping to get some Barnes and Noble gift cards so I can feed my hungry little Nook Tablet. But I don’t need any clothes and because of my ecsema I quit buying my favorite yummies from Bath and Body.

One of my favorite things for this day is leftovers. I love leftover turke–white meat only. The sweet potato and green bean casseroles always seem better the second day and beyond. And since we ate at home there will be lots to enjoy.

So today I am thankful for the bounty and the blessings. Yum!

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