Nehemiah Devotions Chapter 3, Day 1

Monday Concept of work
Text: Read through chapter 3 and notice the different references to work.

WP Neh 3-1 work

In “A Passion for Faithfulness,” J.I. Packer helps us understand the biblical perspective of work: “When the Bible talks about work it has in view much more than what we do for money or gain, what we call our job or our employment. In the Bible, work as such means any exertion of effort that aims at producing a new state of affairs. (p. 73)”

WP Neh 3-1 back to work

It seems appropriate to think about work on a Monday, the day most people ‘get back to it.’ People head into Mondays with a mixed bag of feelings. Some love their jobs, while others struggle to persevere.

What about the spiritual work we have to do? What job has God given you to do?

In John’s gospel we are told that God is at work and he invites us to join him.

Pray today for eyes to see where God is at work in the world around you and ask how you can join him.

WP Neh 3-1 work as if

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