Today is my older grandson’s birthday. He turns 7 today. He lives with our former son-in-law. We don’t get to see him as much as the others, but we treasure him as much as we do the rest. Ever since our granddaughter was born, I have referred to these kiddos as the grandsweeties. The sweetness that these precious children have added to our lives is immeasurable.

So our granddaughter, P, will be 9 in a few weeks. And A turns 7 in January. I often said that if I had known how special grands were I would have had more children. Then I began to feel like the only way we would get more is through grafting. And I was right. Older daughter is engaged and with a new SIL we will graft little K into the fold. She will turn 7 in January, too. Younger daughter has recently started dating a man who has two little girls, so maybe we’ll be blessed with even a few more!

As precious as these wee ones are to me, they mean that much more to my husband. When it came time to plan his 50th birthday, I asked if he wanted a party. He said yes and smiled. He wanted and had his party at Chuck E. Cheese, or as we fondly call it: The house of Mouse. When the guy who signed us in asked whose birthday it was we all pointed at Pepa. The guy was a little surprised, but Pepa wore the birthday badge quite proudly.

Pepa must have a thing for mice because when it came time to plan our 30th anniversary, he informed me that our big day would be celebrated the following year with daughters and grandsweeties at the Big Mouse House in Orland. And we did.

So today, I am abundantly thankful for the sweetness our grandchildren have brought into our lives and for the joys that are to come!

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