Hopefully Devoted: Even Though

60394195-CC73-462A-B321-3DD930609685Habakkuk 3:17-19, NLT

Yesterday I listened in on an excellent teaching by Andy Lee. I love her “Bite Of Bread” ministry. The verse she drew from was Romans 8:28: And we know that God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to his purpose for them (NLT).

I confess I got stuck on the word “good.”

Here’s the comment I left for Andy after the study: “As you were teaching, I found I was focused on the idea of good…God’s ways are not our ways, we don’t think alike—and we don’t work from the same experiential dictionary or definitions. His concept of what is GOOD for us may not fall within our ability to comprehend, and that may be in part because we are focused on the immediate rather than the future and the big picture which he can fully see. Seeds for more thinking.”

So how interesting it was for me that I found these words when I opened my devotional today: “God alone holds the “big picture of our existence.”

The scripture quoted above was the recommended reading to go along with the devotion.

In essence, Habakkuk is saying: “Even though every thing goes wrong. Even though nothing goes the way I wanted or planned. Even though…yet.”

Yet I will rejoice.

Even though God is working things in a manner that I don’t understand, that hurts, that I don’t want no way, no how. I am going to trust that he knows what he’s doing because he sees the big picture. He knows. And I will rejoice in that knowledge. I will rest in it.

He is my strength to get to the other side of “even though” to rejoicing.

Teaser: A Mary Like Me

BR A Mary Like Me.teaser.jpg

I’m not ready to review this book. But I want to let you know that what I’ve read is wonderful. I’m so excited about it, I would love to find a group of women who want to dig in and find God’s word.

I couldn’t get past the subtitle: flawed yet called. Who can’t relate to that?

Here’s what I know for sure: the author, Andy Lee, is a student of the Word, a lover of Jesus, a servant with a huge heart and burden for women. I follow Andy’s daily bites of bread on Facebook and look forward each morning to her breaking open the Word live on Periscope.

This one is going to be good.

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