Advent 13: Trees

Have you ever wondered why we have Christmas trees?

The historians tell us that the evergreen is a symbol life in the midst of winter. THe church has not always supported the practice–in fact they were deemed to be pagan for a long time.

Recently I saw some articles online that suggested only people with children should have decorated trees.

Really? I love my tree.

One year when I was a chaplain I left my tree up all year long. I was trying to make a point about keeping the Christmas spirit all year long.

Putting up our tree is like unpacking memories and holding them up for review. We bought this ornament here. This one was made for that child’s first Christmas. These were handcrafted through the years by children and grandchildren. Treasure in tissue paper. And don’t get me started on the bubble lights.

Would life be different if we were to keep the spirit of Christmas alive all year long?

What might that even look like?

Instead of only being concerned about families in need we might reach out to them, walk with them everyday.

Why do we wait?

Shouldn’t caring, generosity, and giving be the hallmarks of our lives as believers? Isn’t that what the church in Acts did as they held all things in common? No one went without because everyone shared.

Talk about hope in the dead of winter. Kinda lends a new meaning to the old story of The Giving Tree.

Author: tinamhunt

ESFP with a dash of ADD. Lover of the Word and words. The cup of my life is neither half empty or half full--it overflows! I'm blessed to be a blessing and I'm here to share the journey.

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