Book Review: Seal of God

Seal of God–The Path Is Narrow…But the Reward Is Great

A Memoir

Chad Williams with David Thomas

Forward by Greg Laurie

284 pages

Tyndale Publishers

I’m not in the military. I didn’t think I would really have much to relate to with this book. I was wrong. This is the story of a young man who is naturally gifted athletically. He achieves levels others only dream of and then gets bored–seeking the next thrill, the next bit of excitement. He frustrates his father by never sticking with anything. Here’s where I began to relate.

Chad winds up making a connection with a retired Navy Seal that changes the course and shape of his life forever. The story of his determined preparation and the relationship he has with his mentor is quite encouraging to me, both from the perspective of one who only dreams of being that determined and wishing I had that kind of mentor.

The tragic loss of his mentor in a brutally horrible attack in Iraq serves to amp Chad’s desire to be a Navy Seal. Reading through the grueling process of preparation made me feel like such a marshmallow, but also served to motivate me to start moving. I was about to cheer out loud when he finally completed the training.

That accomplishment, great as it was, only served as the vehicle for the real change and achievement in Chad’s life. The real story within the story is how he came to faith, how he grew, how that faith was challenged while he was a Seal, and then provided the opportunity for him to take that same level of determination and turn it into full-time ministry.

I’m excited to share about this book here, but I had no sooner finished reading it when I began to think of the people in my life with whom I wanted to share a copy. There are quite a few!

The writing is easy to follow and while he leads the reader into the often misunderstood or unknown world of the military, Navy Seals specifically, he does it in such a way that is informative and enlightening.

I highly recommend this book!

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