Job 37:14

In a few weeks I will participating in a parachurch weekend (similar to Walk to Emmaus).  It is such a blessing to serve on the team.  Sometimes I wonder who receives more team or participants.  But I don’t worry too much, I just soak it all in. 

Our theme for the upcoming weekend is Job 37:14.  I have been working on something that I want to offer for palanka.  I thought I’d share it here because the truth applies to wherever we are in our journey and whoever is right there with us.

Stop! It’s a word that I find myself often using with my grandson. Stop talking. Stop cutting. Stop. Stop. Stop. And the most frustrating thing about that is that if he would stop when I told him to, it would save him—and me—so much grief, or clean up, or apology. But even at just 6yrs of age, he thinks he knows more than me. To say that he’s willful barely touches the depths of his strong character. But what good is that kind of strength if there’s no willingness to trust one who is older, wiser, and more experienced?

Do you ever wonder if God ever feels that way with us?


Consider. Think about it. Marvel at it. Ponder it. Reflect on it. Look deeply. See what’s there. Take it apart. Touch it. Taste it. Ask questions about it. Desire to know it inside and out, upside and down. Imagine the infiniteness.


Do you think God ever wishes we would consider Him that way?




The wonders of God.

The miracles of God.

The amazing things in creation.

The mind-boggling things we have no explanations for.

The delicate and fragile.

The strong and enduring.

Powerful natural moments bringing beauty and disaster.

Tragic accidents that result in devestating loss and incredible unity.

Feats of athleticism and artistic creativity.

Simple and complex.

Unfathomable and unexplanable.

Beginnings and endings.

Love. Joy. Peace. Grace.

Wonder-full gifts from wonder-full Father.


And here’s the most incredible thing of all. Since the beginning of time he has been working in the lives of thousands of people to prepare this weekend just for you. You are here by His design. You were meant to be here right now, with these people, in this place. And they were meant to be here with you. There will be no other perfect time for God to give you the gifts of grace like this moment.


Stop and consider that!

Author: tinamhunt

ESFP with a dash of ADD. Lover of the Word and words. The cup of my life is neither half empty or half full--it overflows! I'm blessed to be a blessing and I'm here to share the journey.

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